My News Page.

September 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

So, I’m starting a blog.  Because I don’t quite feel tech savvy enough to count myself among the uber-talented wunderkind bloggers currently ruling the pop culture world, I am just gonna call it a news page.  So here it is.  My news page.

The first bit of news is that Private Practice Season 5 is about to kick off, Thursday night at 10 on ABC.  We are all so excited about this season, we can hardly keep our pants on (one of the reasons this season is so fun to watch).  I’m kidding. …We are all wearing pants. …Most of the time (…starting to reconsider news page).

So, I hope you like the news page.  You are sure to find all sorts of useful tidbits and anecdotes here as the season unfolds.  It’s really a bit like Reuters, minus the international politics, natural disasters and articles about events of major consequence.

This page is mostly for hanging out.  Like with slurpees on the curb at 7-11.  This news page is like the curb at 7-11.

So if you like Slurpees, welcome to my new News Page. BYOS.